"What if"

I always ask my characters "what if."
It's the only way they can answer. 
In All Mine, I asked "what if" a guy lives on his own on the ocean side of The Great Ocean Road. You can't even see his driveway, it's hidden by trees.
Lucas Maddigan, an architect revealed himself. 
"What if" you have demons? 
What are they and why do they haunt you? 
Once I began to ask these questions, Lucas's tragic back story came forward and I knew he needed a dog for company, so I gave him Clyde.  
"What if" you happen to fall in love again, who would that lady be? 
That lady showed herself in the form of Isabelle Kelly, a former high profile model from Sydney.
Why would a beautiful model be pouring beers in a coastal town on Victoria's cold and lonely shores? 
"What if" there was a criminal backstory to this woman?
"What if" she was running from something .... or someone?
Then Carlo Caruso appeared and dominated the whole story from that moment on. 
"What if"  His father, Franco is the leader of the Honoured Society of Australia. 
"What if" the Mafia control one the country's best performing superannuation funds. 
Jimmy Riggs soon appeared as the head of L'ombrello, the giant super fund and I recall specifically, one Saturday night around10pm. I should have been out having a few beers with some mates, instead I was at home asking questions of Carlo.
"What if"  one of the murdered detectives had an association.
"What if"  there were different factions in the Mafia.
"What if" a half a billion dollars of cocaine was not the real reason behind the murders of two New South Wales detectives.
And the story took a different turn.
"What if" a guy like Carlo walks into a bar on the spur of the moment and inadvertantly witnesses a drug deal taking place? 
Each time I asked a question of Carlo, he responded with force. 
But then he also started to change too, because he realised he had to for the woman he left behind. 
Carlo was so much fun to write. 
There were a stack ot of "what if's" in Bushmore's  Dark Secrets
"What if" five kids alone in the forest happen to be in a predicament that could have happened to any one of us through our adolescent years. 
But "What if" they were responsible for their action?
"What if" they make the wrong decision? 
"What if" there were external forces in action the boys know nothing of? 
"What if" I could tell this story differently?
How would I do that?
"What if" the main character dies on the first page?
That i'd be cool.