We all have two wolves.
The wolf that wins is the wolf we feed.€
Cocaine dealer, cop killer and son of the most powerful Mafia figure in Australia, is summoned home after seven years in exile to visit his dying mother. But Carlo has also returned for the woman he left behind. 
A widower, possessed by his own demons. When St Claire'€™s resident architect falls in love, he learns once more that love has a price to pay.  
A career ruined by murder. Former high profile Sydney model who arrives in St Claire to begin her new life. But lurking in the not too distant future, is the haunting reality of her past. 
Three lives converge in a journey that will take you from the rugged shores of Victoria's Great Ocean Road to the Mediterranean island of Sicily, and keep you turning to the very last page.

All Mine is the story of one man's desperate struggle from within, one woman'€™s right to happiness and another man'€™s mind, controlled by obsession.  €‹
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